Refund Policy Question


As per Envato refund policy, mistaken purchases or removed items are not eligible for a refund but these two reasons are listed when a customer wants to request a refund.

How does it come allowing customers to choose non-refundable reasons?


That is due to the fact that refunds go to authors, and authors can form their own refund policy on top of Envato’s. Some authors, myself included, do provide refunds for mistaken purchases and removed items.

But you don’t have to accept such refund reasons, and if the customer disputes it, Envato will rule in your favor (unless they didn’t download it, of course).


I’m almost certain that this isn’t the case, otherwise authors could offer “Money back guarantees” etc. Do you have a link to anything that says we’re free to form our own policy?

That’s most certainly the case. You can have your own policy for refunding that:

  • Abides to the Envato Rules and Initial Terms of Service - you cannot add rules that Envato Specifically says cannot be done. i.e. you cannot buy your own files and then agree by your own policy to refund yourself, or some other crazy reason like that that is against the Envato Terms of Service or for example set your policy that you agree to sell broken files and not refund for them.
  • Respect the rights of buyers, if your item deliberately has a bug you decide not to refund for that bug ( example )

Otherwise, you can accept refunds for mistaken purchases at your own discretion. For example, my policy is as follows.

I accept refunds for mistaken purchases only if the item has not been downloaded. If it has been downloaded, I don’t accept a refund.

Most authors here follow this code for mistaken purchases, and it’s legitimate if you ask me. No reason not to give a refund for someone who hasn’t downloaded your product and actually made a legitimate mistake! :slight_smile:


Preaching to the choir there mate, I 100% agree with that, and TBH, if a item hasn’t been downloaded the refund may as well be automatic as I see it. However, I don’t agree with Envato allowing authors to draw their own meaning, like I said, does this mean I can run a 30 day money back guarantee if I wish?

From what I know that’s not allowed, and items that had that advertisement were asked to remove it or were disabled. There were quite a few threads with authors taking this tactic that soon had items disabled!

Having a 30-day back money guarantee would be probably the worst idea you can have on a marketplace, so I agree with you, this won’t catch life and as I said, I remember these get removed if reported.

Cheers mate!