Refund on card


I received this email:

Themelet does not even refund the purchase of the theme named card.

And now?

You’ve already received a full refund of the AeroMag theme. You aren’t in communication with Themelet anymore. That email in your screenshot is from Envato Support.

Reply to that email, and ask them to send the refund back to your card.

Even receiving this credit:

Do they reimburse in the card?

No, they did not reimburse the card. That’s why you see the credit there on your account. They send refunds to your account by default, so you can easily use it to buy another item. If you want the $25 reimbursed back to your card, you need to reply to their email and ask.

So I don’t spend $ 25, right?

Does it take too long to answer?

Right, don’t spend it.

They should respond within a few days. I know they’re overwhelmed with tickets right now, but your ticket is already assigned to someone so it should be faster.

Now who will repay is Envato? Do you know if they will really refund?

As we mentioned numerous times before, please get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support. We cannot help on the forums! :slight_smile:

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