Refund of $29 : My Subscription

Dear Concern,

I subscribed for Envato Elements Market with $29 Per Month Subscription keeping in mind that will explore many freebies over here but themes which i wanted to download are’nt available under that subscription, moreover i have to spend another $50 on those wordpress themes and presentation templates, kindly refund my money so that I can download those themes Individually. Cancel my Subscription as I have not downloaded any single item from your website. Thanks

Mr Luke : Sent you email also but kindly initiate refund process…

I need Refund …

Thenaupport email says this is not the case and you had downloaded items?

This would make refunds less likely for obvious reasons. If you haven’t downloaded anything then you could go back on it

Charlie - You can see my Account , wherein I was trying for some themes randomly, by chance 2 items got clicked as download, but I Intentionally didnt wanted to Donwload, bcause there are no use to me.

I was just checking what I can Download & What I Can’t . You Can Block those downloaded items as above said, it was mistakenly got clicked and during downloading I cancelled it.

I can’t really comment because I don’t work for envato but your only option is to keep speaking to support as they are the only people who can action refunds


Can you let me know how they can be contacted as they dont reply on support forum, its a cheating with me by Envato Team

email is the only way to reach them - that said it seems from their previous message which you shared that they have taken a decision on this one.

With respect, they are not cheating anyone. Regardless of the reason - you did download items and there is no way of Envato being able to prove or determine the circumstances of that happening and the T&Cs that any subscriber agrees to are pretty clear about changing your mind or subscribing by mistake.

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