Refund money

I have already messaged the help line. The message is:

“Hello! I am Mustafa Saeed Mustaqeem (Lipibonro).
My account is locked. The ‘bongolipi’ (username) account is also mine. My account has been locked due to multiple account logins in my computer’s browser.
Note that I purchased ‘jnews wordpress amp theme’ last Thursday using this account. I can’t download the theme because the account is locked.
Please unlock my account.”

The reply is provided by:

“Hello Lipiborn

Thank you for your recent email to Envato, we appreciate you reaching out to us.

Unfortunately like all companies, we have a number of internal policies in place which, for business reasons, we do not divulge. After reviewing your application for service, we are unfortunately unable to re-enable your account.

The purchase has been reversed back to its original source of payment.

Thank you for your understanding.
Customer Success L2
(GMT -05:00)”


Which you can see in the screenshot. However, the money was not refunded. Applying for a quick refund.