refund money


hi how can i get money back refund im not happy templates support i want to cancel my order


It will depend on the specifics of the problem but this link explains the process


yes i ddi read i did not get help support they replay back to em 1 day later so im not happy support so how can i get my refund money back ??


They didn’t reply in 1 day?

With respect that’s not that long to wait and I doubt it would constitute a refund.

  • Does the item page give an indication of approx times for support? (under support tab)
  • Was it a weekend or weekday?
  • Was it something definitely covered by support

If the author is not replying then you can follow the links in the link above to email envato but without exact context, it’s hard to suggest if it would be approved


you don t have to be rude here i just wnat my money back im not happy help support


We’re not intending to be rude - you have to follow the instructions in the link above as only the author or envato will be able to help you with refund requests


i did open ticket eduma forum July 22, 2018 at 7:30 PM

now they replay to em they will not refund the money so need to get legal action costumer can not get refund money back i don’t get help support template im not happy and just asking my money back but been here i get de respect


With respect no one is trying to be rude or dis-respect you.

All we are trying to do is provide links and to clarify that there are guidelines around when a refund can be issued, however only authors and support can help with this and forums are perhaps not the best place to find further solutions.

If you have submitted a ticket to envato then that is the correct procedure and they will help review the situation.


yes that what i get answer NO REFUND



Thanks for purchasing Eduma and using the support forum to get help for the theme.

About your claim that the support took ‘1 day later’ to respond, we find that it’s just not reasonable. Please check the screenshot below: Our promise for support is 24 hour week day and in this situation, you sent a support topic at 7PM and our supporter did the exact thing that we promised: replied to your topic at 11AM the following work day, meaning even less than 24hours.

Besides, I talked with Ken from the support team for Eduma and found out you are discussing with him over checking and solving your site issue so this topic should end here. Should any issue arise, please send an email to our supporters or create a support topic on the support forum and we will try to do the best to help you out.