Refund Issue

I bought jupiterx I tried to install on my server. but I cannot install that. I sent screen shot to them but they never replied me. I put refund and it’s been 1 day nobody is replying me. So I have to type here. Please refund me. It’s important!!

I don’t see a theme called ‘Jupiterx’ - do you mean

Either way, you need to check if your request falls under the refund policy.

If so, then the author has a few days to respond, after which you can reach out to Envato if they have not come back to you.

Yes this theme

how many days? Cause I bought the theme and the demo import doesnt work. i sent several screen shot to their support forum. They never responded me~!

@artbees are one of the most respected authors here so I am certain that they will come back ASAP. Plus given that is one of the biggest selling items on the marketplace it is 99.9% an issue with the hosting and not the theme

They say that they aim to reply within 1 business day, so assuming that you used their support forum, it shouldn’t be too long

Hello @iammubasshir,

We have checked our support forum and didn’t find any requests from you. Can you share the topic link in the support forums with us?

Thank you.


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Please refund me. I asked for refund. I tried to use this theme but i am not able to use it. I bought avada now. I am ok with avada

Hello @iammubasshir,

Your refund request is issued now. But you don’t need to lie about the support that you never requested. If you ever wanted to request a refund, you could just say it. No need to demolish a good product like this.

Have a good day.


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