Refund. I have no clue how to ask for a refund on my last purchase.



Where is the option to ask for a refund on a purchase. I haven’t downloaded the product so from what I recall I am entitled for a refund if I want.

I don’t know where that option is.

Thank you!


I have found a link for the refund form, for anyone that will look this in the future here it is:

Please add a button somewhere on Downloads page along the item purchase or on another place so it will be much easier to ask for a refund.

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I think there is no need for a Refund button because it will make the situation worse than now. There are a lot of customers asking for refund for no real reasons.

To request a refund please access this url:



I haven’t received my refund yet and I’ve placed a request for it more than a week ago. I was on Mailwizz and redirected here to Envato. Feels like you are deliberately making this whole process difficult for customers so they just give up. I’m placing a complaint in better business bureau. I need my money back.


Hey @grcts,

Take a look on this article about Customer Refund policy



Okay I want my account cancelled and I shouldn’t be billed anymore. How do I do that? I haven’t gotten anything since I purchased this item.

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Open a Envato help ticket

Envato customer success will help you cancelling your account.