Refund from a theme which is full of bugs

Theme owner has accepted that they worked on the below mentioned issues which we had complaint in the themeforest chat support.

Theme: Horoscope and Astrology WordPress Theme With AI Content Generator


Subject: We wanted the refund.

It’s been more than 3 months we are still not able to launch a complete error free website just because this theme is full of bugs and their theme is not complete. Below are the list of errors raised in the last 3 months but still after an email from the theme owner they have not updated the theme till date rather provided the custom based solutions. Also some of the change will come from theme updated and we are waiting for the that since 2 months.
There are service which are not as per their commitment (as mentioned in the theme detail page at evanto/themeforest)

Below is their claim as per the description and our revert along with that

1> Theme Layout issue: Find below list of issues found from the day we purchase this theme
a> Appointment layout issue both on Desktop and Mobile
b> Big Layout issue in Mobile
c> Team page was going 404
d> Payment gateway layout issue which has illogical buttons and process

2> Razorpay & Stripe Payment: Initial 2 months their Indian based Gateway (Razorpay) was banned by RBI (Govt.) to onboard new business and second payment gateway was not accepting our business type however we have legal business license from Govt. to run business in India and we are running 4-7 websites and accepting payments.

3> Panchang and Horscope service: They had not mentioned that it is paid service in the description of the service. When we don’t have subscription from the 3rd party then their page shows Fatal error.

4> They have not built the Invoicing process and till date not incorporated even we have requested and told them that it is not legal to run a business where we take money and not share the Invoice. In reply they said that user can see their means their transaction based process is also not completed.

5> SEO friendly: We have shared the list of issues:
a> Basic Tags level issues where every single page has more than 4 to 5 H1 tags, which should be 1 per page/post. When issue raised their reply was they have replied that they have remove many and left few. Now after that we were unable to remove those H1 tags per page which are not required.
b> Theme has huge Speed issue where they had not used JS and CSS properly and we have to raised the issue with proof then they solved it.
c: They don’t have proper SEO based coding and hence we have to use the SEO based plugin and then also they tried 2-3 plugins in our website then able to suggest one to be used. Means they have tested on our website as they don’t know which plugin will work.

6> There is no option to disable the Pre-loader and we have to ask theme owner to disable.

7> World famous plugins which have more than millions of download example: Yoast plugin, Cache plugin, etc are not compatible.

8> Certain design element which are irrelevant and supposed to be manage by front end are impossible to modify and there solution was it can be changes by CSS. Now I don;t have knowledge of that.
Many other issues.

Hence request you to pls. initiate the refund process as till date their theme is not ready for the business in India or any other place in the world


Bear with me please - so I have looked at this theme, and on the page description, the author does state: Please check the Online Documentation for more details of the Theme.

When you click through on that link they discuss the API for Panchang and Horoscope, and it does make it clear these are paid for services.

Regarding the other issues you refer to, I cannot comment because I have not checked this, but if you have a refund request, then you need to do this via Envato:

Hi there,

Please see this Help Center article on how to request a refund:

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