Refund for theme

I bought a theme from ThemeForest and seems very slow and unoptimized. I tried to use cache, CDN and other performance solutions, but nothing solves those problems. Besides, there is other problems during configuration for mobile and desktop versions.

My first bought using ThemeForest and I got this terrible experience. What should I do to get a refund?

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Btw, my server has a good hardware configuration. So, this isn’t the problem.

You can request a refund but most likely you won’t get one as you have already downloaded the item.
Apart from the slow website issue, it may be related to your server configuration or WordPress installation. If you’re using bigger images, you may need to follow different approach to speed-up the website.

Wait, what!? So, if the theme sucks, no refund? That’s unreal.

About the configuration, I tried everything you could think (CDN, cache, inline JS and CSS, etc), still being slow.

As it’s a digital assets, once you download it, you’d lose the refund option. You should check the item description page as well as the item details carefully before purchasing and ask the author questions if you still have some doubts to be clarified.

It may require some advanced knowledge, some of the plugins may speed up the website but it’s also related to the content ( if you have lots of images )

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I think you gave me a wrong answer. I tried to start a refund, and it was successfully created the request for the author.

I have advanced technical knowledge, and yep, I installed some plugins to resize, convert imagens, minify files, and other stuff. Stil slow… I don’t think there is a solution for this, so refund is a good idea. The demo theme preview also has a low rating in those online performance tests.

Hi @gabrielcmarinho,

You are not eligible to get a refund if * You don’t want the item after you’ve downloaded it. but you are eligible to ask a refund based on the following rules even you have downloaded the item.

Envato Market Refund Rules


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