Refund for theme purchased

So, I purchased the Ocolus theme by I have been trying to get support from them for a very long time, but I just havent gotten any response from them. They dont even have documentation for the theme, their support website is working now but was showing a PHP error earlier. It keeps showing me the error page in the attachment and I have a valid purchase code as well but there is no help from the side of Kutethemes. Even on their documentation page, they only have 6 videos not pertaining to the theme i have purchased (please check image 2 for this). There is another website called I guessed they wouldve migrated to another website but that also is not the case. This is the URL of their new website help section. As you can see, there is no section for the theme that I have purchased. Please also check image number 3. I checked if the theme was there on their website and it was listed under the section of available on themeforest. Please check image number 4 for proof. I am really unhappy with the lack of support for the purchased theme. What is also hilarious is that on their website, the theme is for 69$ and on themeforest, it is for 79$. Please see image 5 and 6 for that. This is not done. Please refund my amount.


Helpful article about you deserve refund or not

New Refund Request

Helpful article about envato customer refund policy.

Still any question get in touch with envato support team they would like to assist you.


Given they are an exclusive author - the fact they are selling themes also on their website should mean that their account is blocked anyhow so a refund should be easy