refund for envato elements

I was trying to purchase a web template located here.

after I went to purchase it using the buy now button, the item at the top of the screen said unlimited downloads. so i then cliecked that thinking it would give me a mothly subscription which would include the one download I wanted plus other items. I saw a full year ~200 bucks option and a monthly option for 33 dollars. I selected the 33 dollar option and proceeded to buy since I figured well the template I was buying cost 50 plus tax and if I buy the subscription assuming its included will have that plus more. by the time I entered my paypal info and submitted payment, it said Ipaid for a whole year for 200 dollars. Im reaching out because I dont want envato elements and I also see the specific template I need for my website is not included with the subscription. Please cancel this subscription and I will go and individually purchase the correct template. this was done less that 15 minutes ago its now 10:30PM CDT on July 4th 2020

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Helpful article about subscription cancelling.

Open a envato elements help ticket they would like to assist you.


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