Refund for a removed theme

I bought the Azia Theme from ThemeForest. A few months later, the theme was removed.

I tried to

  • Contact the author, which didn’t responded.
  • Ask the new store (bootstrapdash) for a download link (I would send them my license). They did respond, but said that they cant send me.

I bought an item which was removed. I cant see any other options then full refund.

Did anyone faced this same issue?

Unfortunately, I think it’s unlikely you would get a refund

We’ve bought over 1,000 files and I think about 30% + are no longer available

Thats a shame. We should be able to download the last version available @ ThemeForest (before the author remove).

Unfortunately, authors own the copyright (not envato) which is why there is so much more choice and quality here.

With that in mind if they want to remove an item then it must be instantaneous as Envato have no rights to retain it or allow further access

Thats a flaw in Envato Terms. All already bought items should remain downloadable. At least Envato should refund its share because the deal no longer applies.

They are very clear in the T&Cs about this - I get it’s frustrating but:

a) it’s not that common

b) given that (again as a big buyer) we are paying tiny fraction of the true value of an item, it’s fair to accept that this comes with potential risks.

c) I always wondered (not an attack on anyone) why would someone agree to T&Cs if they don’t accpet/agree with the terms?

a) Doesnt matter
b) There is not tiny or big. Its a deal is a deal.
c) You are absolutely right that I’ve agreed. But I remain to verify whether or not these terms hold up with the law.