Refund denied by envato

After purchasing envatos Ajax Translator Revolution DropDown WP Plugin by surstudio I spent over 8 hours trying to get my servers outgoing connections to work with the plugin (with the assistance of Fred the Author)
When I decided the plugin was not for me, I wrote to envato customer service to ask for a refund only to be told NO.
So if you are not sure the next pulgin you buy is going to actually work for you BE WARNED refunds are not given.

Details about refunds are located here:

Basically due to the digital nature of these products refunds can only be given under very special circumstances (i.e. otherwise everyone would just request a refund and continue using the already downloaded digital product).

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Thank you for the link and explanation but am still left with a plugin I cant use.
I have since purchased a plugin that works without issues, that’s why I’m left feeling a little disappointed.

I understand your frustration. We all been there with trying to get something to work. Refunds are only given when a plugin is broken, the plugin and updates would have been checked by envato thoughly.

The irony is the Author originally ask me to request a refund as he ran out of suggestions, it was only that I spent most of the night trying to sort my server settings out that it finally started to work but only on certain pages, and the auto translation reads like a child of 5 had written them. Anyway, because I have made a payment claim Envato have suspended my download account. “'for security reasons” corporate bullying more like! why am I not surprised.

Envato is very clear about the refunds policy.
This is a digital product with really, really low price (considering how potentially much work and knowledge is invested and how much you can potentially earn with it ).

Given all this, let me just say I really understand and feel your frustration, I had similar experiences. :unamused:

Once bitten, just wanted to make folks aware and not make the same error.
Until I lift my payment claim Im unable to download or purchase anything from Envato. lol :alien: