REFUND broken plugin

i bought a plugin called BOOKNETIC…

been having problems since day one…

this plugin is supposed to charge a 20$ booking fee for all services …
however when clients pay for booking its charging the full amount.

ive approached the seller many times about it in the last two months that amongst many other issues like the paypal payments showing a blank screen

they keep saying its been forwarded to the engineer.

meanwhile i have a business to run and dont have time for the back n fourth after two months

i want a refund because ive found a solution that works like i need it too…

i have clients calling me a fraud because a 20$ booking is charging full price that should be taken after the service

the damage is done there is nothing the seller can do to change my mind about this… ive had too many cenceled bookings due to this nonsense.

i want my refund . ive lost too much time and money fooling around with this nonsense

i wrote envato in the contact us and still havent gotten a reply… so now im here for a second try to see how i get my refund for this plugin…


If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form.


thank you