Refund asked to an author, no answer yet !

I have bought a plugin several days ago but unfortunately, 30mn later after installing and testing it, i realisze that the plugin does not work at all on my website. I deactivated other plugins, changed my theme in order to test again, nothing works. I wrote to the author Cleverinteractive several times (the plugin name is WooCommerce AJAX Add To Cart + Floating Cart | Popup Modal + Sidebar);, but i have got NO answer at all !

What happens ?
Will i be refund ?
thank you for any answer,


If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form (below the How to request a refund).


Have you checked the documentation? There may be additional changes/set-up required to be able to use the plugin

Looks like it doens’t support WP 5 which probably doesn’t help

Sure i read the documentation, that’s why i’m very suprise to see that nothing works once installed ! :slight_smile:

yes, i have seen that my woocommerce version is 5.3.2. but i was wondering that it shloud work with a more recent version of woocommerce rathen than with an older ? no ?

Is your version of WordPress (not WooCommerce) up to date?

Yes you’re right my wordpress version is 5.3.2 ans my woocommerce version is 3.7.0

Almost certainly not compatible the WP5 update was significant

Charlie, i understand what you mean, but i think it would be logical that it would works with a more recent version of wordpress rathen that a too older one, no ?
I’m just disappointed because i have NO answer from the author. I was wrong thinking that it could be possible to make this plugin work in my website… :frowning: It’s almost like having made a wrong decision, i’m not a crook, i have tested the plugin only for 30mn and was sad to see the fail… That’s why I hope to be refunded :frowning:

The thing is you are using a much newer version of WP and Woo - so the plugin has not been developed to meet those requirements

That said it is possible that the issue is at least also in part, theme related as much as/as well as the versioning

I would have thought that if you request a refund then you have a good chance of getting it