Refund annual envato elements

Dear reader,

I bought a yearly annual back in November 2018 for my school project and because the project was half a year long I just bought a yearly annual. In February 2019 I canceled (or atleast tried to cancel) my annual because I work really hard for my money and didn’t have enough money to keep the subscription for longer than a year so I decided to cancel it. Even though I really enjoyed the service it provided. I recommend it to my classmates and friends.

Today 11-11-2019 I looked at my PayPal account and shockingly I saw a withdrawal of 239,58 USD. My blood left my head and I started panicking because I don’t have money to pay for this. And I got very frustrated because I saw it was from envato elements. That I had canceled (or atleast tried and thought I did) back in February. I contacted PayPal and they told me to contact envato first. So I sent you an email explaining the situation.

I am so frustrated with the fact that I haven’t even used envato since February and I never intended to continue using it. And I wasn’t ever prompted or sent an email telling me or asking me why I haven’t used it anymore because my annual was still going on. Now I am charged 2 days ago. And just now saw it. I would like to sort this out with you, I also hope to get a reply back as soon as possible because I am just in money trouble and I really can’t afford to loose this.

I am sorry for this I hope we can sort it out.

Kind regard,

Beau Tilli


Please contact Elements Support very soon and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help.


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@BeauGotDrums: Can you please let us know the outcome?