Refund Actioned to Closed Debit Card Account


I made a refund request which was approved, but envato refunded the funds to an old debit card which has since then been closed and the financial institution since then does not offer the mastercard anymore, can envato kindly refund onto my existing card since the other one was closed in 2015.

The support member on my case simply told me in short that there is nothing they can do about it but am sure they can communicate to skrill to make a reversal.

Any help will be appreciated.

For the sake of followup my ticket number is 2099224

You may need to contact your bank, they should be able to solve the problem as Envato refunds the payment to the original way. I don’t think they will be able to help you to change the credit card

The issue is the bank does folded, so in this case the refund is just hanging i guess

Just curious… why did you need a refund for something you bought in or before 2015?

Actully the author of the product came up with an upgraded product and made the offer to issue refunds to those who purchased the initial product once they bought the new one, and am a sucker for deals :slight_smile: :wink:

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