I bought a WordPress theme for a restaurant site, when I installed I found out that to insert the menu we have to enter html code. Unfortunately my client is unable to update the site after my job and this is important for him to be independent and periodically update the menu. Is it possible to have a refund?

Hi @c4web,

Welcome to the forums! Before asking for a refund, I suggest getting in touch with theme author for a solution to this. If that won’t help, please take a look at these two articles:


Have you asked the author? As @lucalogos suggested that should be the first point of contact.

Out of interest which theme is it? It wouldn’t make sense for them to require html for such a fundamental part of a restaurant theme.

You state this:

  1. You completed the website
  2. You already gave the final product to the client
  3. The site is running and use the theme you bought

So you can not at all get any refund, you’re using the theme!

Thank you for explanation,
I downloaded the theme and installed it in a subdomain for development. Before I start working on customizing and inserting my client’s content, I checked the features and found that the menu is managed in html. My customer has asked to be able to edit it alone and so it is not possible. I wrote twice to the team to explain the situation even with screenshoots. You have understood with less explanation.
Unfortunately, it’s a week waiting for my answer and I have to start work I can not wait any longer. But if I have to buy a new theme for that I would like to repay.
If it is not possible, patience, but I think the reason is valid.

As I replied to The Pixor, I wrote them 2 times
the theme is this
is really very nice and my client likes very much
but if he can not edit menus alone he is not good :frowning:

Thanks so much! I did not see these links now I read it all! very kind

With respect that’s a html template - what were you expecting?

I don’t think you will be due refund given the category of the template

I apologize for the wrong link
this is the right theme

sorry I had to hurry up without looking at what I was doing. They have both WordPress and html versions, but I’ve bought WordPress :slight_smile:

I can only see it on a phone right now so can’t see properly but it uses visual composer and youmsure sure it still requires manual HTML to be written insider the page builder to achieve the menus?!

I had read that Visual Composer is present and I thought it was all managed with visual editing.

I put here the screenshoot I sent to them

"Is it possible to have a wysiwyg editor (as a WordPress content field)? My client will have to update the menu and can not do it in html every time.
Better: it is possible to have an editor with fields to compile like these

Item List Details 1
_PRICE: _______________
_TITLE: _______________
_DESCRIPTION: ___________

Item List Details 2
_PRICE: _______________
_TITLE: _______________
_DESCRIPTION: __________

They have not responded to me yet. They might tell me that it is not possible then I can customize, but unfortunately the time passes and now I do not have much time for custom changes
Unfortunately, in this case, the customer has little budget and time for custom theme and I was looking for a ready solution where to put content and explain to him how to update.

That is unusual

Arguably the theme operates the way it was in the demo but I agree it is awkward and given there is a page builder it is fair to assume that controls the menus

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My suggestion:

I would use a custom shortcode (of course, you need to create it), something like this:

[item_list price="$11" title="Tile Here"]Here is description[/item_list]

Thanks a lot for the suggestion
I was thinking of entering custom fields that he can fill in, I think it’s simpler. If he can put shortcode can insert html tags, I know it’s simple but he is not young and is not practical. But now we do not have time or budget for these customization jobs. The customer pays me to enter a theme to enter the content and explain how to update the menu. It’s a very fast job, and this is paid little. If I do not get responses from developers I will still take a new theme is the fastest solution, but it’s a shame.

Little off topic: WordPress theme that uses custom HTML for creating menus? Really? OMG. I can’t imagine how controlled other part of the ‘theme’.

Why not use the custom Walker for menu, add custom attributes for native WordPress menu builder and some other stuff where all you need is add the id of the content part? (there is more different ways to create menu for one-page theme and this is the first idea that came to my head while reading this topic. I can say more, but menu can be created automatically using jquery)

I agree with several above - if you’ve already built the site then don’t waste time and money starting over - just get a menu plugin that easily manages the listings and then just add the shortcode using VC and your client should only ever have to modify the plugin content

Whilst it is a bit odd that the menu items require HTML input like that, am I the only one that thinks any client could be informed how to use that pretty easily?

Ignore the surrounding HTML and $11 is hardly confusing to change, and a small bit of education would allow anyone to change the heading and description also.

Again, I don’t think this is a good way of handling this, but this thread definitely has a feeling of making mountain out of a molehill TBH.

You already can, just show them how to edit the text within the HTML, it’s not ideal, but literally 3 screenshots worth of work would give them permanent documentation on modifying this.

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Similar to: you bought a car and dealer told you that if you need to start the engine, you need to connect wires from external battery, because the car doesn’t have a battery on board. Can you start the engine and drive the car? Sure. It’s comfortable? Not sure. That’s the question.

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There’s a big difference between buying a car at a dealership, and buying a WordPress theme because a client doesn’t have a big budget. I never said pasting a bit of HTML is ideal, but again, it’s hardly a 20 reply forum thread issue is it?

Implying this would be like hot wiring a car is again, making a mountain out of a molehill. Would I ask for a refund if I had to do that, yes of course, would I ask for a refund because I had to edit a bit of text in a less than ideal way? No, move on and just don’t buy the theme again in the future.

I do not know if I understand what you wrote, but no mention of the navigation menu, but it is the theme for ristornati and talk about the restaurant menu