Referral purchase not showing income

We just had our first referral purchase but we can’t seem to find the earnings from that referral user.

Where do we look this up?


On your Statement page, there should be a row containing details about the referral.

As @OsamaSayegh or you can go to your Earnings Page then click Item Sales and select Referrals.

Then it might be because the badge was processed faster than the referral. It will show up shortly! :slight_smile:

So this income will be shown in the list alongside Author Fee and Sale income with every Referral sale?

The user may have just created an account and haven’t deposited money into the account which would explain why you got the badge without the referral cut. Perhaps he/she will make the purchase later on.

Ok thanks, that makes sense.

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That can also be the case. Usually from what I remember, referrals get a few hours delay before showing up on the statement. We’ll see. In any case, if the user deposits money @NordWood will get it! Lucky you! :smiley:


The purchase was made yesterday so maybe the user hasn’t bought anything yet.

That means that @OsamaSayegh’s reply was in fact correct! Cheers! :slight_smile: