Referral Plugin that will add +1 credit for a user

Hello, I’m new here at Envato but I’m not new in WordPress, however, I couldn’t find or know any plugin/s that wil work like this;

A plugin where you can get a points or credits when you successfully invite a user.

For example:
I have a website where you need to buy a credits in order to access a content or download a paid content (that includes membership and account creation with woocommerse). I want to have a referral program where when a existing user invite a new user and when the new user successfully sign-up, the existing user will gain +1 credit so he/she could use it. And when use, the gain credit will be gone, I also want to avoid spamming or multiple sign-up by detecting the IP address or what others to prevent spamming sign-up or fraud sign-up, you know what I mean. I also want an email verification.

Whether it’s a paid or free plugin, I’ll be glad to know them. Thank you so much and I hope there is a plugin for that.


Warm greetings salamic :slight_smile:

Regarding your project scope and requirements it will be a custom solution. I can make a good wordpress plugin for you. Let’s discuss more via envato profile email