Referral Cuts reversed

All of my referral cuts reversed. What will be the problem. :rage:

Worth checking the terms to see if there’s a possible reason in there…

Things you should avoid

  1. You may not refer users by:

confusing them (or potentially confusing them) about whether your site is operated or endorsed by us (for example, by copying design elements from our site);
linking from any of the Envato Market sites or from any domain controlled by Envato in order to gain referrals. This includes bouncing links off other domains in order to add a referral;
any use of Envato brands, trademarks and intellectual property, other than banner and logos Envato makes available for affiliates (see the referral page;
purchasing a domain name, search engine keyword or pay-per-click advertisement that use any Envato trademarks or variations and mis-spellings;
copying item descriptions (unless you raise a support ticket and get consent from us);
sending unsolicited email or other messaging that in any way may constitute spam;
doing anything that would amount to a breach of any laws including, but not limited to, privacy, intellectual property and spam;
doing anything that might be confusing, misleading or deceptive to users (eg referring from a site that might be confusing to users about whether it is an Envato site);
doing anything that is directly or indirectly in contravention of these Affiliate Program terms, the Envato Market Terms, or any direction given to you by us; or
engaging in any conduct that does not meet our standards of ‘fair play’ at our discretion including things like fraud, confusing the new user, or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.
20. We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program complies with any applicable laws and/or these Affiliate Program terms or the Envato Market Terms. If we decide that your participation in the Affiliate Program does not comply, we can based on our reasonable discretion withhold your earnings and may disable your account.

  1. We will make the final decision about whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program is in breach of any applicable laws or these Affiliate Program Terms (acting reasonably, of course).

If none of those apply, then you should get in touch with support and hopefully they can explain what’s happened. Could be due to a payment reversal, so the sale was cancelled.

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Beside what @SpaceStockFootage just mentioned you can always contact Envato Help & Support Center to ask for clarifications on any issues regarding payments and account information. Cheers.