Redux framework problem

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Sample Options are loading

How to solve it?
Please help.

This is not Redux Problem. You didn’t rename it. Change it to your theme name option.

Did you mean, rename sample-config.php rename?
I’ve renamed it with banyan-config.php

Any problem with this name.

Hey Jilani, You missed the point. There was a settings named “Sample Options”, Just rename it to “Banyan Theme Options”.

If you want to change your file name, this will be fine. But if you’re newbie, then just skip it and learn about Redux. Good Luck!

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If you don’t mind, please let me know how to find it.I’m new in redux but i am tired.Any tutorial please put link.


Inbox me with your Redux Config file only.

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Thank you so much for you kindness.I’v solved this problem.


Welcome Pabel :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
My theme approved