Redux Framework or options Framework dead?

Wordpress Commerical Theme:

Are Redux Framework and Options Framework etc dead(outdated and old fashioned), and one should use only theme-customizer API?

Can some one from the theme review team answer this question?

I don’t think so. Avada uses slightly modified version of Redux. Lots of best-sellers themes do as well. Options framework is discontinued, Redux is considered as a superior product.


Options Framework developed is stopped.
And as of now Reduxframework is used by many top theme developers.

also there few other frameworks like
And many other


Options Framework is quiet light weight. should I use it? Or this could be the reason for rejection?

I dont think there will be a rejection for that.

I am not sure. as its outdated.

I also feel codestarframework is lightweight. just check that out.

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Thank you so much sir.

Have you tried Kirki?
It is way easier and will make eveyrthing work like a charm


I browsed the link, but it doesn’t have the photographs of the options control panel to have a feel.

You most probably browser false.

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This looks good. this also has that label slider. I hope it is 100% open source.

Yes it is open source. As I said, spend some time into it.
it is best alternative and moving things on front end is good.

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Yes, you should use only Customizer and keep theme lightweight as much as possible. With so much page builders plugins it is nonsense using options frameworks anymore.

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sir, have you tested this? Is its secured and sanitized? Is it based on the customizer API?

Yes it is. Instead of asking, deep into the code at the documentation :wink:


You can try it’s better of all the others solutions and has been built for Themeforest also.


Nah it is not. I checked it and Kirki is way way way better.

You should be more professional and transparent :slight_smile: Is not difficult see the big difference, you can like a product but write that a family car is better than a Ferrari is not really believable

I am. Redux or Kirki has all those features for free and they are been updated from the community not from a single team.
That is a HUGE reason on what to pic :wink:

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Yes, about these reasons I agree, can be important points :wink:

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