Reducing the price of extended license for WP Themes


The prices of extended licenses for Wordpress Themes are simply too high and so high that it doesn’t make it interesting for a customer to purchase it, especially since no one really checks whether he customer is using a standard or extended license for his project.

So don’t you think the price for extended license should be reviewed ?

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Thanks for your input

when we used to publish a thread like this in the old forum of envato participation was mych more important and the attention was higher

So it’s really sad that this new forum affected the way how authors engage

anyway thanks mate for your feedback


I still don’t see how a WordPress theme could be used in an extended license situation.

How many people are offering themes to customers behind a pay wall?

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Hi Dtbaker, wp themes can be used today as a SaaS together with multisite,
we’re personally involved in non-tf related activities and if the extended license of themes would cost less we would have already purchased at least 15 but due to the high price of extended license it makes more sense for us to develop things internally, but of course it’s time consuming so if Envato would for instance reduce the price of an extended license from 2500 to 1250 this would definitly make sense as it would represent like one month of work that would be saved

we miss that button from the old forum which said request “staff reply” :slight_smile:

100% agree.

What buyers think:
— $3000 for licence? Seriously? No, thanks. I’m going to buy an extended license from one of dozens competitors for ~$250 which is more adequate price. Or just use Regular license for all needs.

is this the end of the thread ?

how can we ask for a staff reply ?