Redirected post on front page shows weird hyperlink symbol (Soledad theme)

I have a few posts on my front page that link to other sites, which they automatically open in a new window. All work fine, except that one of them — only one — shows an annoying hyperlink symbol superimposed over the image, in the very center. I can’t figure out what is different about this one page; it’s set up the same way as all the ones that don’t have this symbol. The site is, and the problem post is “Photography - A Portfolio.” I’m using the Soledad theme.

Have you contacted the theme author for the free support?

I’ve tried. No answer.

It may take 1-2 working days to get a reply. You should wait for their answer

Thanks! But no rush. I think it’s just some simple thing that I’m overlooking.

because you place a hyperlink over the image:

<a href="/photography" >    
<img src="YOUR-IMAGE-PATH/LightHeadedFRAMEDdysmedia3.jpg"  />

@dysmedia to remove hyperlink you should remove the a tag (hyperlink) for the image from the front page content.


Thank you! I managed this by changing the “Post Format” — I didn’t realize that I had it as “link” rather than “standard.” This is apparently what added that tag.

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