Red Dead Redemption-ish music


After starting to play Red Dead Redemption 2 I really got inspired by the musical theme and am looking for something similar for a documentary I am working on.

Have anyone heard or seen anything similiar to these on envato elements?
Maybe even someone want to make something similiar?

Really like the stringed cinematic soundscapes mixed with the western base and how the underlying bed just creates this apprehensive touch, the building tension and unraveling feeling. Love the cello!

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Hi! I like this kind of music, here is my track with a similar atmosphere

It’s less stressful, but there’s a wild West vibe here


Hi ! I found this in my portfolio :

Maybe it could inspire you. Thanks for listen.


Thanks for suggestions!

Dark forest really is in the right alley! Very nice. Appreciate the Action Trailer suggestion as well, altough not exactly what I am looing for right now.

Edit: Didn’t see the «Native American Warriors!» Nice, thanks again!

You are welcome !