Recurring Bill from ENVATO CHICAGO IL

Hello Team,

Hoping you can help me. I noted I have a recurring bill on my credit card from ’ ENVATO CHICAGO IL’.

We have not used or downloaded updates from Envato for some time so I thought I would research the charge.

I logged into my Envato account to look at my statment Statements and get the result ‘No results found.’

Also, I have searched my email for ‘Envato’ and come up with no billing statements or any other email that would indicate a purchase. This recurring bill has been charged to my account for at least 6 months.

How can I identify what I am being billed for if I see no statements in my account, no email record and only ‘ENVATO CHICAGO IL’ on my credit card bill?

Thank you.

Did you happen to sign up for Envato Elements or Placeit? If you’re not sure, please open a Help ticket and our team would be happy to investigate:

Envato Market Help and Support


Thank you for the follow up!

This is a possibility which I had forgotten about, let me investigate and if I do not resolve, I will open a help ticket.

Thanks so much!