Recreating the "malty: Simple Camera Rig" for use in projects

I had the idea to create an all in one camera rig in After Effects to implement in my projects for customers to use easily. I did some research looking for inspiration and came across the “malty: Simple Camera Rig”. It’s really a perfect rig with many features, although with a lot of features I don’t need. I wasn’t looking to spend $50 on it to figure out exactly how it works, so I watched some videos here and there and figured it out myself. I now have successfully created my own version (that does not involve scripts) and I am very happy with the end result.

Now my question is one of liability. I am slightly worried somebody might think I just ripped off of his design if I include it in my projects for sale (I’m not selling the camera rig standalone). The way I see it, he pooled together different techniques for easy use with a script, and made that script purchasable. I simply studied which techniques he used and made my own design for my own projects, no script required. In my mind, you can’t call ownership on techniques and I should be in the clear, but I could be wrong.

What is your 2 cents?

Maybe you will get lucky by selling this camera rig, but first you can try to find some " beta testers" , people that can test your camera rig in different AE versions, Mac, Pc, and so… because you see, malty Camera rig appears to be a wonderfull tool, but everybody have a lot of problems when installing it and when trying to make it work it is almost a nightmare.

You can include it in some motion graphics template, but you probably can’t sell as script alone. In first instance you sell a video template and your implementation doesn’t matter(I.e. How you made it). I suppose p, that nobody would say you smt if you would purchase the script, use it in your project and sell it.