Recover Construction theme not working

Can someone please shed some light,

I bought this theme, customised my behind off for my client, just to discover today that the theme is no longer supported and it subsequently messed up my client’s website. This is very damaging towards my business as well as my client’s business.

Jay from Envato Help gave me this response - which basically means good bye and good luck with your problem (or pay someone else to fix it for you- last paragraph):

It looks like the author is not providing support for this item anymore. With that said, you can still try contacting the author, but there is no obligation for him/her to respond since support was not advertised in the first place.

You can also try to get assistance for this matter.

*Author Contact Form: *

*What I can also suggest in this situation is to seek help from our community members thru our forums. You will find useful tips and fixes from our different Envato community members. You can check it out here: *

Alternatively, you can also check out Envato Studio. Envato Studio is a place where awesome freelance artists showcase their talents. You can hire a developer to fix the item for your project. You can check them out here:

Can someone please shed some light