Recording quality does not meet the general commercial utility standard

First time I submitted the item below it was rejected because it did not meet the general commercial quality standard.

This time it was rejected because the recording quality does not meet the general commercial utility standard.

This particular sound effect has been recorded from an analog modular system straight into Reaper using a UA - Apollo. I also mentioned that into the “Message to the Reviewer” section.

This simply makes no sense to me and makes me doubt AJ’s democratic and meritocratic character in our Free Market planet.

It’s clipping

Hey, thanks for the response.

How can you tell it’s clipping?
dBTP = -1.2

I hear it - the impact sounds distorted. My guess is that the rejection is because the reviewer thinks it’s unusable when compared to other gunshot effects available on AJ.

I used distortion and saturation as part of the sound design but perhaps it’s too much.
Thanks for the feedback though, I really appreciate it.

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AHH - gotcha. That’s what I was hearing! Yeah, maybe too much.

And your right about the reviewers - you never can tell what they’re thinking. I’d love to see them revamp the way they give feedback, it would really help us all.

It’s really annoying that you have to guess every time what’s going wrong.
Just a comment like “too much distortion” won’t take more than 3 secs.

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@St-TropezMedia what I don’t get is why they’re not super-communicative in the first place. Set the bar high for accepting items, but make it a collaborative effort with a reviewer to get something approved. Market over-saturation on some sounds? Tell us. Clipping? Tell us. Background hum? Tel us. Motivate people to hold a higher standard and with less junk on the site you’d probably see a net increase in sale. Or at very least the race to the price bottom ease up a little.

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