Recommended purchase price

Hello Everyone

What do you think about Recommended item purchase price by themeforest never increased. It should be increase or not?

We all see in the past years everything cost us high now then why we can’t increase Recommended purchase price? It can increase author earning or not?


Don’t get me wrong but what if they changed the recommended price and someone else comments that it’s high?
It’s not really important as you could choose the item price by yourself. It’s the average price range, it shouldn’t be that important.

The important thing is some authors are selling WordPress themes as low as 13/17$. That should be the issue you suppose to worry.

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Then why envato not limit minimum and maximum price in text box?


Envato just placed a recommended price there as a suggestion. But item is your (Author) so price is also your. So, you are free to place your own price.

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Yes i seen WordPress min and max price, Tell me is that looking good? @KingDog @BenLeong

min price is $13 2023's Newest Premium WordPress themes from ThemeForest

and max price is $50000 2023's Newest Premium WordPress themes from ThemeForest


I think you could set-up up to a million $
I don’t think any WordPress theme more than 99$ would be selling - for Magento it’s a bit different story…

If an author will be happy with few cents earning from their each WordPress theme sale then let them happy!

Author should concern about the quality of their item not about the lowest price. And by placing low price actually they can make a few sale but can not achieve like a premium theme author.

You are right but we all want control on price, so there should be recommended price and in the price text box control over price min and max limit according to me.

Why envato allow price up to million? There should be min and max limit and price text box only allow price in between recommended price.

Author could set-up their item price as much as they like, there shouldn’t be a limitation in that sense.
But what the authors are using the item as low as 17$ should be considered a 'violation" of the price freedom, the price shouldn’t be change at least for a specific time therefor they should be more careful…

But I don’t think Envato will get involved about pricing anyway…