Recommended audio files


Hi guys!

Does anyone know anything about the “Recommended audio files” section at the top of the main page?
I see the same 6 items all the time, 2 of them are Christmas tracks… Why are they recommended to me?
How these files are selected? Will I ever see another recommended files?
Is there a chance that one of my files is recommended to someone else?
This section is above the Featured Files section so it may have a huge impact on sales.


Recommended files are different for every user
It seems that it depends on latest audiotioned items
Fun fact: it’s not visible on all PC’s :slight_smile:
I can see recommded files on my desktop PC, but there’s none of them when I’m sitting with my notebook
I use Google Chrome on both systems :slight_smile:
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you, CycleProduction!
I’m using Safari on Macbook.
So, anyone else has some more information? Maybe someone from Envato staff?


It’s a mystery to me as well. Very annoying that it was done without any explanation. And because it just shows up, I feel it’s yet another distraction to the person/buyer trying to find something specific.


I think these files are somehow based on genres that you have in your portfolio and keywords you’re using in search panel. For example i’ve been uploading and searching for hip-hop and 80’s music lately. So now i see 80’s and Hip-Hop recommendations from users that i follow (for the most part).