Recommendations on electric drum kits

I just have all the questions lately :sweat_smile:

I’ve always wanted to learn drums so I’ve been looking at electric kits I can practice on quietly in my home office. Any recommendations for what I should be looking for? Also, I’d love any tips on where to go to start learning drumming :blush:


Wow KingDog! Cool! For starters, you don’t need a drum kit :slight_smile: All you need to start is sticks & training pad:

Next, you prescribe in the search engine the main “rudiments” for the drums.

Personally, I would advise you to see the school from Jojo Mayer -

this will give you the right base for hands positioning! :clap:

After that, the choice of a drum kit will arise, a live setup is always better in sound than electronic ones. But keep in mind that it takes years of training to learn how to play the drums!

I like that you show interest in music and I wish you success in your endeavors. Also, if you have additional questions about drums, you can safely ask me directly, I will be happy to try to help you! :wink:

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If not acoustic, then Roland V-drums is the best option in my opinion. The model depends on your budget. This does not cancel learning. Patience and success!

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Hi, KingDog

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