Recommendations for improving the WordPress template.

We sent to review a new Wordpress theme. And to our great wonder, we received a hard rejection. Your opinion, what would you recommend to improve or change in the template.


Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You have a good start conception that you should definitely improve in terms of design and try to re-submit item again. The main issues in design are typography hierarchy and spacing.


  1. nothing draws my attention as there are too much elements and each one is screaming and trying to be more important.
  2. Insufficient space between sections and again problem with typography hierarchy. Colorful section heading is not big enough here in comparison to the section content, you should lower down main font or make heading font bigger (or both)
  3. Mix of gradients and colors look too busy and the page heading doesn’t really stand out (but it should).
  4. Footer font is too big for usual site footer and there is really lack of breathing space here for elements.
  5. Logos here look more important rather then section below. And it looks like logos are part of “contact us”.
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Hi ArtemSemkin,

Thanks for your time. Your advice will help to solve this problem. This is very valuable advice.

R Team