Recently this track has been rejected. Any thoughts, why?

Hi, Colleagues! Recently after “Temporarily held for further review” (2 extra days of reviewing) this track has been rejected (hard reject). I’ve sent this track to “Experimental Abstract” category. In my opinion this track is good and has a market potential (of course for a specific purposes). Do you have any thoughts about: why this track has been rejected? Thanks a lot for the opinions!

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Hey, Ashot. What a great track! I can easily imagine a cool and classy night city timelapse video… This song reminds me of “Home” from The Legendary Pink Dots and perhaps even Philip Glass a bit. Good work.

I think the midrange could be a problem in your track. At 01:16 the high piano notes come in and I find them overpowering and too bright. Check out the frequencies around 1000-2000Hz. Then at 01:28 the mono synth joins in and I feel it’s just too much. I’d advise you to either attenuate 1500Hz with a broad Q or getting rid of this part.

Minor issues. The bass is thin and lacks depth and I’m not convinced to percussion that comes at 02:00 – I’d personally remove it.

Thanks again for making this awesome song!

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Thank you very much for your tips, Pyjamarama! I’ll try to make changes which you suggested me. Perhaps this frequencies from 1000Hz to 2000Hz sounds quieter than other frequencies in my particular Adam speakers. And I hear these frequencies not very well. What is the speakers you use in your studio?

And yes I agree with you about thin bass and unnecessary percussion. Maybe I will put just a simple hi-hat instead percussion. But maybe I will remove it at all as you told.

I think it sounds great. Can’t judge the mix or production too much because im on little speakers. Maybe its too specific for AJ. The reviewer may think that the type of project this track would fit it in its not what most AJ buyers are looking for.

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Hi, MarscottMusic!
Thanks a lot for your opinion! If you are right it is really pity. Sometimes I want to make something new (something unusual) for AJ, but still trying to remaining in commercial potential. Unfortunately now it is impossible to take a reason from AJ stuff. Unfortunately they do not explain a concrete reason of rejection. As always I’ve received a usual automatic mail about rejection. And I can only imagine what was the real reason of rejection of this track…