Recent payment issues gone by and no official response



yesterday an issues which was present for a few days was fixed. Clients complained that they cannot pay via paypal and credit cards and that there account got locked if they tried. No official response was given after it was fixed. We got 70% drop in sales, for the time the issue persisted. No official response was given for this and in the light of recent development, review times, slow support response and other issues that are being ignored like ratings, support extortions etc. it is extremely insulting to the community. Even if this issue was not related with our sales drop its still not the way to treat your distributes and buyers. To be honest I am quite sick and tired of this treatment, all it took was a forum post that issues occurred and it was being fixed so we know what’s happening. I ended up calming a buyer and explaining him the situation before he got any official response from any one.

Such a shame and I really do love this community, the golden times have long passed. Please do not let this disappointment flourish. Once the rock starts tumbling down the hill it will be very hard to stop it.

I still do believe envato is just cluttered but on the other side i constantly read of new projects like envato sites etc. We need some of that attention back. Not just sugared stat’s throwing around on occasion, which actually are a totally out of the context and do not show the real picture.

Wake up!