Recent deprecation by Google

Hi there, as you will know Google has recently deprecated structured data.

Google Search Console sent a warning to me (and many other users) that the breadcrumb structure on almost all my posts and pages still shows mark up instead of JSON. I am using the Sahifa theme on my site and Sahifa settings just allow me to switch on and off the breadcrumbs.

Is this a theme-related issue? I’m also using the WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro plugin but the providers say that the plugin already provides JSON based schema data. Am also using the free Yoast plugin but haven’t heard of any related issues with the plugin.

thanks for sharing any thoughts

There is a simple info and some working samples for this data-vocabulary deprecated issues.

The issue is, google stopped to use that DV lookups as snippets. So we have to move to

Thank you for your advice and the link. I guess for me it’s about finding out how to fix the issue for my site. Since I run Yoast SEO and WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro I have now enabled the breadcrumbs function in Yoast SEO since according to the WP SEO plugin providers they are already using JSON. It seems most of my posts do not show the warning in Google Search Console any more. However, I still get warnings for certain taxonomies, such as the ‘category’ pages. In Yoast SEO I have now disabled that category pages are shown in the search results, and will test in a bit whether that solves the issue.