Received rejection. Very surprised by this decision.


Created a pack of stories with logos + sound design:

But he was not approved.

Before that, I sent minimalist packs and they were approved:

And they also sell very well.

What’s wrong with my new logo pack?


Hi. I really like them. I have not much to say about your rejected project. Maybe other authors can say some more. In my own and subjective opinion it´s a great work.
Good Luck!


Minimalism always requires to be spot on in both design and animation, as there is no room to excuse any non-perfect bit of it as it does represent a lot bigger part of the whole thing than in a complex, non-minimal animation.

I think some of these stings lack dynamic. For example, at 0:07, the reveal of the logo, then the tagline, I don’t feel it.

The animation after that, too linear motion, 0:15 the line drawing on, moving up logo… too linear, too boring.

1:15, that is a simple fade.

I’m sure I can find more examples, but don’t have the time right now, sorry :confused:


I think sometimes a mix between dynamic and short pause is not bad if you think about design and animation. Some customers maybe don´t like dynamic animation all the time, but yes original ideas, and I guess there are a lot of them in this pack. Author here plays really well with physics and dynamics of elements on screen in an original way, not to mention the good sound fx applied. Again, just my opinion.


That is, you need to diversify the animation and add additional small elements? But then the meaning of minimalism will not.


No, that is not what I am saying. I am saying work more on those keyframes and speed graphs.


OK. I understood. Thanks for the advice.


I think the overall concept is awesome, a lot of them grabbed my eye and made me wonder, “what’s going to happen next?”

IMO - the issue is the actual “logo reveal” in of itself for a lot of them. The logo would just appear, fade in, or scale up/down. It seems to be too simplistic/lackluster with little dynamics in comparison to what’s going on around them. It doesn’t happen with all of them, but maybe enough for the reviewer to reject it.

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Dynamic it’s not only about to be fast, it’s more about speed changing


I wasn´t talking about being fast at all. I was talking about managing the rhythm of animation, it doesn´t mean being slow or fast.


Sorry, misunderstood you

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