Received an invitation to envato elements. Need Help!!!

Hello everyone, I recently received an invitation to Envato Elements, went through identification, and slowly began to upload my work there. I do this through “Edit”, there appeared a new line “Elements”, then I put a checkmark and that’s it. But when I open “Edit” on the sound or sound effect, there is no “Elements” line.
In general, the essence of the question is: How to load sounds or effects on elements.
(when I go to elemets as a buyer, then there are sounds and effects there)

Please, authors who are already on the elements, help !!!

Congrats you are the nex nail in the coffin :slight_smile: You guys are destroying AudioJungle, just think at this as a client what would you do pay 30$ for a single track or 29$ for a million tracks!

You are shooting yourself in the foot!


Apparently you did not receive an invitation.

And if it came, would you refuse ???

Looks like a question to Envato Support at this point… ‘Selecting Audio Items for Elements’ article clearly says ‘excluding SFX’… and no more info on that anywhere!


It’s just the global market trend to blame for this, not any single author per say. One or the other company would do this, so you either get on board and take advantage of it or not and loose on this income stream.

Besides unlimited downloads markets and regular markets customers tend to not overlap too much, since they are mostly different customers, looking for different things.

One type of customer is looking for lots of content and is willing to start a subscription, those things which you can easily forget to cancel… and the same customer is mostly willing to pay 200$+ dollars for a yearly subscription just to get a “deal”.

Another type of customer is one who needs only one track at a time, and they aren’t willing to start subscriptions and don’t want to pay $200+ upfront just to get a “deal” and they would rather spend $29 on a single track.

All of this is according to this year’s Envato conferences data.

I personally enjoy the best of both worlds, by being on regular market and elements. I would say elements is a great earnings opportunity and would encourage you to get onboard and take advantage of it, instead of fighting market trends.

Some items/categories can be selected to be included or excluded from Elements, some are all included automatically, and some you may not have been approved for.

For example… I’m on Elements and have an Envato account that includes graphics, stock videos and After Effects projects. I can select which AE projects I want on Elements and which ones I don’t, none of my graphics are on Elements, and all of my stock videos are on there with no option to opt any of them out.

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As Envato Elements doesn’t appear to going away any time soon, it’s more like he’s removing a bullet from his foot, as the majority of Elements authors are earning more with the marketplace and Elements than just the marketplace alone.

Although Elements might be destroying AudioJungle, if every customer does sign up for Elements then they’re also going to require a hell of a lot more content and authors.

The numbers show that a good chunk of buyers still wnt to pay $30 for a single track, but if the op signs up for Elements then he also gets the revenue from those who don’t. Sure, everyone would rather have $30 per sale and plenty of them, but with the way things are… that’s not always going to be the case.