Received a reject. what's wrong with this?

I have uploaded more than 100 files in past 3 years but all are rejected except one, I don’t know what’s wrong with this, I have designed this item in 6 different colors, I think it’s pro
please take a look at the preview image:


hi @persiland

I am not expert in graphicriver, but your bad colors and typography.

I invite you my friend @n2n44 he will help you give your best advices because he is a graphic designer experience more 16 years.



hi as for me i like it, though , this is not absolutely perfect for that matter indeed … but u have a clean and pro lay out in my view and the global style is tasteful , same goes with the execution. The major problem that i see is a contrast one, as this is bringing another problem to the table , in the process, as regard to hierarchy of information and how this is expected to have the most important information not only being easily seen and readable but also to be outstanding. At this stage the name and function are hard to read indeed.
otherwise the fake logo is a bit too basic , too and in the logo side , the sideway information is not properly organized so that this is using the space as expected