reCaptcha Problem


Why google re-captcha show up for each download. This is really annoying issue. Because when I download an item for each time captcha is attached to the form.

Could you please solve this issue?

It’s for security purposes, and should only take a few seconds to complete.


You can check this reply from envato engineering manager @auxesisauxesis :

Otherwise please contact Elements Support and let them know.


If I downloads hundres of items in a day. A few seconds could be booring. I mean why does captcha less frequantly show up. I see captcha for each item.

Yes I already saw that answer. But there was a problem in May 2019 and he says it’s solved. Is there any different information which I could not understand in @auxesisauxesis answer?

have you checked Fair Use Policy.
Also you can contact support. Thanks

Just a note that I no longer work for Envato.

You should consider lodging a support ticket if you believe your downloads are being incorrectly throttled.

Thank you @auxesisauxesis . I created a ticket

Yes I checked. There is no vialotion that I made/done

please contact Elements Support and let them know. Elements Support team will be happy to check it for you. Thanks