Reasons why projects got rejected.

Your feedback will be useful.

Rising to the clouds, the camera stops very abruptly.
The sky doesn’t look realistic, it looks like bad, outdated 3D.
The circle around the logo looks completely out of place.
The transition from the sky to the gray background is very fast but the logo stays in place without movement.
In general: to be honest, this project is not impressive and looks outdated

Dear Envato.
The question is where your “minimum design, animation, and technical requirements” denoted in?
I’d flattered to be informed before spend four more months for the next rejected project on your marketplace.

Of course there are rules of typography, color gamma, composition, animation, technical requirements …
These rules are the same as everywhere else i ndesign. Not only on Envato.
But there are no “design rules”. The product must be great - this is the only rule. Design, like art, is a subjective thing. Therefore, it is not possible to create a list of “great design” rules.
I already wrote about your mistakes above.
Unfortunately your items will not be approved if they look like this rejected item

Great like this one?

I think you need to understand a “concept”. What you showed in the example, in my opinion, is indeed a simple concept, specific and well presented. While in your project, maybe the concept is good but the execution is not quite right. As @romlam said, a camera move that looks stiff and the background at the end looks less unified. But that’s my opinion, hope it helps.

Minimalistic style is no worse than 3D.
These are 2 different styles. The project that you gave as an example is executed neatly and doesn’t cause any dissonance, although it is very simple. There are many mistakes in your project, which I wrote about above.