Reasons why projects got rejected?

before i start converting my ideas and creating scripts i need reasons why many items got rejected in envato


please add your link preview demo because we can help you thank you.

take a look here


hi. can you check this please.

Sorry I am not expert to codecanyon but you waiting other author he/she will to help you. thank you.


I am not expert but i try to check its working and look.

  • i found 1 issue ( after login when i click ok main logo then it logout me, and when trying login back it says wrong credentials )
  • UI is not good. ( my point of view )
  • Reaction icon images are faded and low resolution
  • Forum UI is not good ( my point of view )

You have to fix all issue and UI, you can get idea from forum templates.


thanks for your time <3

HI chahir1

         If you want approve your item in codecanyon so tell me, i will help you.