Reasons of rejection on these logo templates

Some body please help me as to why these logo templates where rejected on graphicriver… Please try to be specific and answer in points.


Somebody please help me.

Thanks a lot

As per this other thread Rejection of Logo Templates - #25 by DesignSomething

You are not allowed to steal or submit free designs that are not yours.

It is disrespectful and a complete waste of both your own time and the reviewer’s not to mention all the other author’s in the queue waiting

This is not the first time when he upload stolen items. Why is he still here, insult entire community and not get banned?

In fact, I admit my mistake and it was not done intentionally.

I had come to know about this site “” for the very first time.

Please clarify this ” Download and share clipart about Letter B Logo Design Free - B Letter Logo Design Png, Find more high quality free transparent png clipart images on ClipartMax!”

I am unable to understand that this logo or this image is someone else’s property. And it is almost impossible for me to decide about it.

Nevertheless, I will try to be very cautious in the future. Thanks for your cooperation.




If you do not design something from a blank page without inputting any icons, text, or other graphics from another website then that is not ok.

Likewise, you cannot take inspiration from another design and copy it as your own work and submit that

This is a premium marketplace. If anyone doe snothave the skills to concpet and create entirely original work then this is not somewhere they should be submitting items

OK. I got you.

Thanks a lot for being with me.

Can you please tell me about the other two logos (files are attached), as why they are rejected. These logos were recreated by me and I do have their AI 2021 files with me. I can share those files as well in order to verify my statement. Also there may be resemblance with other images on the very huge assets on the cloud, but I assure you with my truthfullness.

Thanks a lot

Please reply.

Letter A |690x413

Im sorry, this is like a joke , your item has no selling value. You must improve your skill first before you upload item on Envato Market

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Read the comments above!

man, ifu wanna have complete reviews , pls post rejected logos one by one , this is too fastidious like this or this forces us to treat things as a block which is not as accurate indeed …


letter A
the logo’s both part are completely disconnected in terms of style, colors , alignment and so on and all this alone is a collection of lethal mistakes enough for a professional marketplace and if u to this things that look like execution issues , this is knelling the tool of your item for sure …

letter b …
apart from from the concept being very unclear indeed. there is once again this complete disconnection between text and illustration parts , no matter what we are considering … shape, style, color and global looks. U cannot use some colors in a part and have no echo anywhere else … u cannot make very curvy shapes match with very straight fonts , either … u cannot create some relief like a folded paper effect without this generates some shadow , this makes the loog look directly completely surrealistic …and not professionally executed too . The typo is to be restarted from scratch … nothing matching, no harmony, no originality, no variation, no harmonious font combination

crystal water logo
all said previously basically applies to this logo too … once again style and shapes are definitely not matching the paired fonts are not in keeping with the illustration part, not to mention that the imbrication of both parts is not made properly so that the visual disconnection increases a nit more again. The illustration maybe interesting but is too flat and too raw at this stage, as well … i recommend that u shorten the name of the company which is embarrassing rather than another thing …

Good day to all. I am new here and I really need your help. My logo was rejected but I can’t figure out the reason. Could you tell me what I did wrong?

hi i am sorry to say just this but u are not anywhere near the standards at this stage according to me. I identify a collection of problems, i hope this will help u , let’s get started
1- concept
i am sorry but but for a concept to actually be efficient, it has to be clear and easily identifiable by the man body of the people … as for me i am an experienced graphic design and no matter how hard i try i cannot manage to get to understand what is all about here … which is also a problem for u to reach your target in a niche-oriented marketplace as of today …
2- typo
u really have to figure this out , GR is very demanding when it comes to typo … much efforts will be asked from u no matter where u turn out to post or which category u belong to and here , sorry to tell this, but u are far from standards … the typo is not matching with the style of illustration part, this looks quite old and in addition a lot of ingredients are missing … variations, font combinations, touches of originality (i mena working ones …) so that u can ultimately generate some relief and interest …
3- global misbalance
this is due to the shape of the illustration in the first place and this is being emphasized and worsened by the text part , u would have better chosen a name shorter so that this fits more with the loog horizontally , not to mention that there are issues with proportions at every level , see next point
4- proportion
this is usually good to have several levels of reading and some parts taking over some others but in the logo category this does not exist in the same way all the same and u still need to keep some proportion … what u have here is made of an overwhelmingly dominating illustration a “second level” with the name and the tagline being sort of 3rd level … this would have been better to have rather balances logo and name and to have a “secondary information” with the tagline
5- color
this is a bit tasteless or dull, the global environment does not help to catch people attention or to create sort of a “wow effect”. the fact of the matter is that there is a part maybe not contrasting sufficiently yet from the background
6- feeling of misbalance
i checked and the initial feeling of mis alignment actually is not true … the thing is that the “Y” from your name tends to misbalance things and make people feel like there is an issue with alignment. In other words, as i mentioned above, changing the font and name to any other name is not an option lol
7- imbrication
this is not completely done properly yet , u just push the text part a little bit upper and make sure that the spacing between elements is the same in my view …