Reasons for rejection?

Submitted this theme some days ago: and got hard rejected, with no further explanations.

Any ideas?

If you are truly the author of this template, then you need to properly explain the history of this item to the reviewer. Because quick search will make it clear it is not a new template and it was already sold elsewhere, which always raises eyebrows.

Also, there already are several templates with this name, so you will probably have to change it into something more unique.

I am, and that makes sense. I started elsewhere and wanted to try over here, while I’m on the process of disabling it on the first site.

Still, this whole “you are rejected, bye” instead of “hey, we have these questions” is just terrible, imho. Where do one even start to contact the ‘reviewer’ when the response just throws you to the forum, and comes from a do-not-reply address?

Should I just re-submit and explain everything on the ‘extra comments to the reviewer’ field? or will they go “we already said ‘you won’t be able to re-submit this item again’”.

Thanks a lot for the response thought, I appreciate it.

There are many people submitting stolen templates each day. Reviewers have no time playing the detective. If it stinks, you get rejected, and you must acknowledge that this stank a lot - high quality template from a new account, with traces all across the internet.

So, first make sure the item is no longer being sold anywhere else. Then I would recommend renaming it to something unique, There already are templates named Cedar on ThemeForest - I am sure you don’t want to be rejected for such banality. Then resubmit and explain everything in that comment for reviewer field. If you get hard reject again, try to contact Envato Support and explain them your situation in as much detail as possible. Try to provide some evidence that you are who you are and not just an impostor who is trying to make some quick buck on a template he just downloaded from somewhere.

Quality-wise it definitely exceeds the required quality standards, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Makes a lot of sense, hadn’t thought of it that way. Will do as you recommend, and see how it goes.

Thanks so much for your help!

I am sure this will be worth it all the trouble in the end. This template certainly has a bestseller vibe in it and you should already think about the WordPress version. This could be hit.

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I agree to a certain extent. I just don’t agree that having the item already on other sites would be an issue, especially when Envato specifically has the whole exclusivity program which authors can choose to be a part of. You don’t have to have your items exclusive to Envato if you don’t want to, it just means less money per sale.

But his account is exclusive.

Oh, it didnt show any when I checked.