Reasons for refusal hard


I was refused on three works recently. I do not understand - in the recently published files across those where the level of not higher than mine.

What could be the reason for the refusal?


hi , indeed for the shirt design, this is hard to tell you and to identify … i personally think this is nice … as for the logo, i think that this is a bit simple and that colors are not really well chosen and providing both the reviewer and then the potential customers the best idea of what your logo looks like … in both cases maybe u had to do with a reviewer not really liking yur designs

I understand that my logo simple.
But there is a trend in design has a minimalist style …
And if you look at the last uploads to the section with logos, it is no worse than mine.

For example:

i guess u mean “it is not better” , right? but anyway, u know we all have to deal with this at a time, besides, we all can find things that are not as good as our rejected items but the concerned items manage to make it for sale, and we thus fail to understand why the item was rejected, but there’s nothing to do anyway. In addition, normally u are right they like minimalistic logos here and if u wanna know how i feel , apart from being good when it comes to fitting the most, this is not so much of a good thing , as bringing work to the table is what differences a pro from an amateur in a way. i know that won’t change your frustration anyway but as i told u , we all (or almost all) deal wit this at a time

Yes, a agree with Nico on this one, good T-shirt design, but it doesn’t quite work with the other colors.

And the other design, couldn’t tell if it was a H letter or bridge or both, (or maybe a castle) but l get the open book. The other side obvious needs clearer labelling?


yes Shane but who cares if this is a H or a bridge, the fact that we do not know maybe a good thing commecially speaking indeed

Might be good commercially, but good for the Review, probably not so good?


In fact, the idea is simple logo, and even self-evident.
Hotel H and book - Hotel Booking

As for the shirts - mozhen I refused because of the description?
apaches, black, blue, clothing, drawing, foxes, green, indian, injun, pampean, red, red man, redskin, shirt, tattoo, wolf