Reasons for Hard Reject

Hey, I recently got a Hard Reject and I can’t find any reasons why it was. I was pretty certain it’d get rejected as it was my first time uploading a template, but I was at least expecting some reasons why so I can fix them.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out on why you think my website failed and it said you can’t reupload after a hard reject is that true?

The website is here - Bude – Gym & Fitness Personal Trainer Template – Template Kit For Gym & Fitness Personal Trainers

Thanks for your help.

If anyone has a checklist that they use before uploading a template and wouldn’t mind sharing that’d be great.

Typogrpahy needs a lot of work esp font choices and hierarchy

The services boxes need rethinking

Testimonial design could be improved

Icons on left-hand boxes at the bottom are too big Pricing – Bude – Gym & Fitness Personal Trainer Template

It’s not a write off and the main consideration is attention to detail

Hey Charlie,

I appreciate the feedback. If I work on the changes and do a second full-through check and reupload it won’t be a problem? I read somewhere a hard reject means no more tries on it or does that mean if I just tried to reupload it.

Is there any sort of documents to download or something that details the process? I know it’s kind of spoon-feeding but the process seems a bit vague on stuff.

Thank you.

Most of the design rules are not applied, do not rush to offer business, learn first and take inspiration from the templates in the market, good luck