Reasons for hard rejaction?

Can the envato staff give any valid reason why they rejected my submission or they are free to do whatever they want when rating an item?

I believe I created very clean coded and “solid” designed HTML/CSS template and yet it was rejected without a single reason mentioned.

I worked hard on this template and I’m really feeling disappointed that it got rejected like this without ANY explanation!

Thanks and I hope someone from themforest support can provide some feedback on cases like this.

Demo for the template:

Sorry but this item is very bad. It does not meet any criteria to be considered eligible for a soft rejection. This is why you just got a hard rejection.

I’m sure, in your mail there is an automated message. Something like: “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”;

To understand why you got this rejection please read Common Rejection Reasons for Envato Market; After that my suggestion is to open few ThemeForest themes and see the quality from there. You must learn how to deal with typography, spacing, color combinations, graphics used inside the theme.

I can’t give you detailed feedback because in my opinion every part of this theme needs to be rebuilt.


Can you comment on typography and color combinations at least please? I don’t see anything wrong with typography and color combinations seem fine to me.

With all due respect there’s serious issues with design fundamentals throughout the site.

  • spacing, padding and margins on sections are inconsistent and not correct

  • several images incl. some of works and testimonial images appear stretched

  • typographic, font choices, styling and esp. hierarchy all need rethinking completely

  • the design itself feels very basic and outdated

  • it lacks unique or premium features


your designs is problem spacing, padding and margins, colors, typography, etc you need learn improve your design.

Please you case as say @charlie4282, regards.

Hey,respect to you, there are some free template better than this, The cause is there are stuff need to change if i dont say all sttufs, the thing that i noticed must be changed is the colors , and font choosen is not right, some texts and sections are hard to read it , section headers also need to be improved and more …
Good luck, Kamal