Reason rejected, help me!

I liked the song but you have to work more in the mix.
The snare doesnt sound good also the brass sounds too artificial
The keyboard effect in the end makes the mix sound messy

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Less is more :wink:

Good idea. But I think that track is not suitable for commercial. For example, for video production customer wanna music that will with suitable for visual.
Try to write music playing in the background commercial and promotion video.

In this track, in my opinion, you need to change samples to more quality and living (voice, kick, whistle) and work on mixing. Also, try to make mix smoother dynamically. Scatter the instruments around the pan.

Good luck!

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thank you for your comment, i will try more in the mix

thank you very much, i understand, i will try more

Even a sh*ty snare can sound good with good mix :slight_smile:

thank you