Reason of rejection

We have uploaded two templates for review three weeks ago. Regrettebly both have been rejected after review by your reviewer, stating it is not as per your quality standard. Please let us know the specific reasons as the remarks made are very general in nature.

Kindly advise us where is the lack of quality in these templates. However, please update us on lack of quality so that necessary renedials measures should be taken in order to meet your requirements. We will be too happy to be associated with professional bussiness partners recommended by you on profit sharing basis.

Theo Tech

No one can give you advice without seeing the demo link

Dear charlie4282

Ref to your trailing email. Demo is available at the link given below for
your ready reference. Please arrange to expedite the query raised in our
earlier email. Thanks for the prompt reply.
Theo Tech

With respect you are not even in the ballpark for the standards here.

  • code is packed wither errors
  • site is not responsive
  • slow to load
  • lacks features or premium quality of design

You need need to familiarise yourself with popular file quality here and revisit design basics before starting a fresh item.